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The Freedom Keys Academy offers learning opportunities for individuals and groups designed to help women build their confidence, hone their leadership skills and develop a stronger leadership presence. Jennifer Bugajsky utilizes her experiences as a leadership coach, facilitator, women’s advocate, working mother and a member of Corporate America to teach women to connect with their feminine presence, which enables them to unlock their full potential.

About Jen and The Freedom Keys

The Power Of Your Feminine Presence E-Course

* Do you long for greater recognition, and to be acknowledged for the work you do?
* Does you feel as though you can do more, and your talents are being under-utilized?

The Power of Your Feminine Presence E-Course is an 8 week online course for busy and ambitious women leaders with a desire to reduce stress, increase their confidence and presence to maximize their leadership potential.

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The Power of Your Feminine Presence

When you walk into your office every day, are you aware of how you are perceived? If you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders—dragging yourself towards your desk—your coworkers will sense your negative energy. Your day will not get any better. Now imagine striding through the door, full of power and purpose—your flow bringing positivity to everyone you interact with. Wake up, and the world is yours to conquer.

This book offers a solution that will help you to be recognized and appreciated for the work you do so that you can be tapped on the shoulder for opportunities and attract new exciting openings to start showing up for you. Unlock your presence power and potential and get workplace results and the recognition you deserve.


Free Informational Resources

Our programs help women leaders:

  • Improve communication
  • Steer with more clarity and focus
  • Engage and inspire others
  • Owning their personal brand & self- confidence
  • Be willing to take initiative/risks
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Organizations use our programs to:

  • Attract and engage female talent
  • Increase retention rates and happier employees
  • Elevate ideas for the company
  • Improve strategic business decision
  • Improved productivity and results
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