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It’s all about presence. Being present means simply being there, but having presence means to actually be seen and heard by those around you. You don’t have to act more like a man in order to garner respect and authority. There is power in femininity too, you just need to learn how to utilize it, and The Freedom Keys coaches women on how to tap into the power of presence.


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Jen Bugajsky – Life, Leadership & Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker

“I have a newfound sense of courage and confidence in asking for what I want”

“I learned to achieve my goals by recognizing when I was getting in my own way!”

“I no longer strive for the “perfect” work/life balance, I create what works for me!”

“I see how embracing conflict can be healthy and create new and improved ideas”
“I feel more comfortable making strategic decisions without the anxiety and waiting game “

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When you finish this call, you will know how to best invest in yourself.

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