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About The Freedom Keys

Our Vision & Mission:

We envision a world where more women are confident, happy and succeeding in life and the workplace. We are dedicated to utilizing The 4 Freedom Keys to help women build their confidence and realize their power, so they can reach their fullest potential and be successful while also achieving the balance in life they desire.

Who We Work With:

The Freedom Keys works with organizations to help them attract, retain and engage their female talent. We are a strategic partner in helping companies build a pipeline of female leaders by helping women build their confidence, hone their leadership skills and develop a strong executive presence, so they can make a bigger impact.

In addition to organizations, we also work with talented individual women who have allowed internal or external factors to get in the way of fully contributing to their organizations, families and communities and having a significant impact as leaders. We help women examine what is going on, identify what obstacles are in the way and help them choose a course of action to assist with their goals, so that they can unlock their presence, power and potential.


About Jennifer Bugajsky


Jen had a successful career at Accenture for 20 years before embarking on a new career as a Women’s Leadership Coach. She has emerged as a fierce advocate for women to discover their voice, declare their confidence and develop an executive presence that attracts the attention they desire, so they can ditch the burnout, increase their performance and have a greater influence in their families, communities and the world.

She believes that strong, authentic, female leadership presence is the key to helping organizations thrive in today’s competitive business environment and for women to have a bigger influence in the world.

“Join me on this journey… learn to unlock your own Feminine Presence, power and potential so that you can BECOME YOU!”
— Jen

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What People Are Saying About Jen

The Freedom Keys was an integral part of my metamorphosis to become the person I wanted to be. I didn’t even realize that my actions and subconscious feelings were suppressing me from my true heart and soul. Through Jen’s class, I was able to let go of so many hangups I had about myself. The program should really be called the Art of Freedom, as Feminine Presence is so much more than being feminine. It is finding your true self and being content, fulfilled, confident and free all at the same time…

I met Jen Bugajsky a little over a year ago, and knowing her has led to some significant changes in my life.

Jen embraces life and invites others to do the same. I first enrolled in her Nutrition class and learned a variety of ways to make healthier choices for myself. Her class inspired me to take action. I lost over 45 pounds and significantly reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol levels…


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