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The Freedom Keys: A System for Living in Divine Flow
The Universe is constantly offering you opportunity-as simple as right—or left, black—or white. The choices you make usually can be distilled into the simplicity of yes—or no. If you are not open to change and newness, you are mired in a state of fear. Your vibration is low, and you attract more of the same. Your belief system no longer serves you and it is time to move!

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Silence is the key – Unlock Your Body’s Wisdom with this free download.

Unlock the Door to the Treasure Within

Do you ever feel?

…Disconnected from your own needs, passions, and desires?
…Drained and exhausted by forcing to make things happen in life?
…Overwhelmed and confused in balancing personal and professional life?
…Guilty or ashamed for things you have or haven’t done?
…Unfulfilled and unsatisfied in your long term relationships?
…Afraid of making a mistake or fearful of what others will think?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you are joyfully invited to transform your life one relationship at time.

The Freedom Keys address the following relationships in a woman’s life:


Her husband/partner

Her body

Her emotions

Her mind

The community

The world

Her whole-self

Trust and deepen your faith and spirituality

Reactivate/rekindle your passion, intimacy and connection

Embrace self-love, self-compassion and self-respect

Awaken your senses and allow yourself to feel it all

Surrender limiting beliefs; and let your little girl be free

Use your gifts and talents to inspire others

Radiate your light to the world

Express and celebrate who YOU really are

…so she can unlock her Feminine Presence, power and potential.

Unlock the door and find the pathway to re-ignite the TREASURE within. You are a precious gem. Discover the possibilities.


About Jen

If you want to know Jen, prepare to be surprised, and intrigued. She is not who you might expect. If you REALLY want to know Jen, open your mind and heart to a brave woman—blazing a path for others to follow—a Catholic Mom and wife whose traditional path took a big turn towards new horizons. When her world changed, no one was more surprised at this shift than Jen herself!

So, what does the world look like now, and why is Jen the perfect coach to lead you towards your own breakthroughs? Check out this list of powerful steps Jen has taken:

  • Realized her family was unhealthy, went to nutrition school, and completely redrew the eating plan for her husband and 4 boys (no small task!)
  • Began to coach other women to help them make the right choices
  • Embarked on a journey to learn and teach the Art of Feminine Presence™ (a very big deal for someone used to hiding from her own talent and potential)
  • Created the Freedom Keys, a system of personal development for individuals and corporations, designed to give women their best life and opportunity to succeed

If Webster’s had a definition for Jen, it might read like this: courageous, thoughtful, and very, very funny. What more could you want in a coach?




Listen to Jen’s Song “Forgive and Let Go”

One day, I was writing a letter to a friend and didn’t know the words to say, so I prayed for God’s help. You see, my friend lent me a book about the relationship between a father and daughter. I was so grateful for her suggesting this book, but her dad had just passed away and mine was still alive, and I couldn’t find the words to say. I prayed for God to help me in my journey. I sat at my laptop, closed my eyes, prayed and just listened in SILENCE.

Then I heard God’s voice. “Forgive and Let Go” Over the past 3 years I have begun to learn the deeper meaning of these words and this song is the foundation of my life’s journey.

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Get Jen’s Book!

Rapid Change for Busy Heart Centered Women who want to be their best version is leading the way for women to transform in the 21st Century. The heart heals all, allows for patience, gratitude, emotion, simplicity, generosity, grace, understanding, awareness, life force, and meaningful intention that allows for letting go. In this book, 30 Women all experts in their field, have come together to take the complication out of complicated change. With their proven methods and models of success, each woman is given the tools to transition herself from everyday surviving to everyday thriving, being the best version of herself.

The benefits and empowerment of collaboration are endless; in this book you will tap into the knowledge of 30 extraordinary women who will broaden your horizons, raise your consciousness, and lead you to better living through sharing their own experiences. Rapid change is possible through the understanding and implementation of the four aspects of yourself, in this book the Whole Self model shows you how and why it is possible. So how do you reach this best version of you? You’ve already taken the first step by picking up this book. Face yourself, your fears, and insecurities head on all with the help in this book.





What People Are Saying

The Freedom Keys was an integral part of my metamorphosis to become the person I wanted to be. I didn’t even realize that my actions and subconscious feelings were suppressing me from my true heart and soul. Through Jen’s class, I was able to let go of so many hangups I had about myself. The program should really be called the Art of Freedom, as Feminine Presence is so much more than being feminine. It is finding your true self and being content, fulfilled, confident and free all at the same time… READ MORE

Cindy Tschosik

Online Marketing Strategist, SoConnected LLC | www.soconnectedllc.com

I met Jen Bugajsky a little over a year ago, and knowing her has led to some significant changes in my life.

Jen embraces life and invites others to do the same. I first enrolled in her Nutrition class and learned a variety of ways to make healthier choices for myself. Her class inspired me to take action. I lost over 45 pounds and significantly reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol levels… READ MORE Beth Majerszky

Life Coach and Retreat Leader, Simply Be Coaching & Retreats | www.coach-beth.com

Join me on this journey…allow yourself to be a blessing and unlock your own Feminine Presence, power and potential so that you can BECOME YOU! As you contemplate the possibilities of this final spiritual realization, formulate a silent blessing you would like to send out to the universe. Write this blessing down in your journal.


My blessing and prayer is that I AM becoming me.
The truest version of myself is shining so brightly that people all across the world can feel my loving presence.
They want to know more about me and my story.
They desire to live a life filled with EASE,PLEASURE, HARMONY and FREEDOM just like I am modeling for them.

I AM living out my life purpose and sharing my gifts with the world.
I AM a woman who honors and respects her faith and trusts in God’s plan for her life.
I AM a woman who stays true to her heart and soul. I do not search outside myself or worry about what others think.
I AM a woman who allows herself permission to enjoy the pleasures of life.
I AM a woman who embodies her full truth.
I AM honest with my feelings, faults, failures, frustrations and fears.
I AM a temple of the holy spirit and love and appreciate my mind, body and soul each and every day.
I AM curious, brave, courageous, confident, beautiful, compassionate, fun, playful, loving, collaborative, and inspirational.
I AM filled with unconditional love and am a supporting and loving mother.
I AM a sexy passionate wild woman, who savors in enjoying quality time with her husband.
I AM a loving friend and have a support system of women whom I call my sisters.
I AM a co-creator of my life with God, and trust in my connection with the divine to use the gifts and talents he has provided for me to share with the world.
I AM a Faithfully Authentic Woman.